21 November

Support your Community. Shop Local.

Be sure to come to visit us on 11/28 + 11/29: Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! Exclusive TWO day […]

6 November

The Power of Change

Over the course of my 30+ year career in hairdressing, I have experienced the power of change with the numerous […]

30 October

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

A change in seasons calls for transformation. As we upgrade our closets with winter-ready layers, shouldn’t we do the same […]

3 October

Hello. Nice to Meet You.

Hello. Nice to Meet You.

Welcome to the conversation. You may be a seeker, a new friend of Walter Claudio Salon or a faithful friend […]

1 October

Positively Peaceful

LIMITED-EDITION hand relief™ moisturizing creme with calming shampure™ aroma. $4 U.S. of purchase goes to support cruelty-free research through the […]

1 October

Create Pure Moments of Peace

Create Pure Moments of Peace

New shampure composition™ from Aveda®. Beloved calming aroma with 25 pure flower and plant essences Moisturizes and provides instant radiance […]