Bored with your hair? Too Many Bad Hair Days? Can WE seriously Talk?

Posted by on Jan 28, 2015 in Beauty & Styling Tips

walter_claudio_talk_blogWe all know that if you want to fix something, resolve a conflict, change your ways… the first step is to have a conversation with an expert who can help. Simply Communicate.

Are you bored, in a rut with your hair?  Having one too many “bad” hair days?  Is your present stylist just not doing the trick anymore, (change is okay)?  Or do you simply desire a new look, or an update to your present look?

Let’s talk.

Begin with scheduling a consultation: One of the biggest failures between a stylist and their client is a lack of communication. The consultation process allows you to express what you like (and what you may dislike) about your hair, while establishing a good relationship with your stylist.  So, regardless if it is your first time to a salon, an appointment with a new stylist within your current salon, or even if you have been seeing the same stylist for the past ten years… you really should book a Consultation (a complimentary, separate 15 minute appointment prior to scheduling the actual cut, color and style appointment).  Now, please don’t mistake a Consultation as a “quick 3-minute conversation” that never goes past the words “yes, no, and I think so”— or as one that doesn’t discuss your expectations, limitations, maintenance, and cost of the services.

Prior to your consultation appointment, do your homework: A picture is worth a thousand words.  Look for images and pictures on your tablet, fashion magazines and blogs, and save or bring copies to your appointment.  Pictures are an important tool to give your potential stylist a better understanding visually of what appeals to you and what doesn’t. (Yes, bring pictures of what you don’t like too). That way, the stylist will be able to visualize exactly what will be necessary to achieve the look that you are requesting.  A wide range of pictures may be necessary to accurately communicate your desired hair color, texture, and length variations.

If you are offered a questionnaire / consultation form*, make sure you fill it out in full detail by answering all the questions thoroughly and honestly.  Jot down any concerns, present challenges and expectations you have about your hair and the new style that you are seeking.

One’s personal lifestyle needs to be taken into consideration when selecting a new look. If you are a busy, no fuss, low maintenance person – a “wash and go gal or guy” – then a cut that requires little to no blow-drying may suit you.  If you enjoy spending time in the morning styling your hair, however, then there may be looks that require that special, extra attention to keep your hair looking salon fresh.  The issue of maintenance is a crucial part of the consultation–not only when choosing a cut and style, but particularly when it comes to hair color.  All over color vs. highlights or lowlights, gray coverage, permanent vs. demi permanent color – all will dictate differing maintenance schedules.  Ask your stylist, “how often will I need to come into the Salon for “touch-ups”?  Cost can be a big factor in making a decision on the direction to go for your hairstyle.  So don’t be afraid to ask.  Remember, that great new look is only great if you can maintain it.

With your homework in your hand (or on your tablet-smartphone), a thoroughly completed questionnaire and a good conversation – coupled with the expertise and savvy of the professional you have entrusted – Your stylist should be able to help you select the best Haircut, Color and Style especially designed for you.

Clarity in communication is crucial in achieving a successful consultation that will result in a “fabulous, on point, exactly what I wanted” hair style that is updated and fashionable.  Remember, this is about YOU… a conscientious stylist will be a good listener, and will be able to provide realistic solutions to reveal a “new you”!

So, let’s say goodbye to boring old style, and say hello to Happy Hair Days!
Good luck, and now go book that Consultation!

*(Hint: If the Stylist doesn’t have you complete a consultation form, that may be a clue to perhaps book your appointment with a different stylist.  Information from you and about you must be obtained for the stylist to properly “create” a plan of action for your cut, color and style).