how we work and why

At Walter Claudio, we know that life is busy and time is valuable to you. Working in service teams allows us more flexibility in accommodating your coloring needs and maintenance. We value each member of our service teams as an integral part of the service experience.

What is a service team?
Service teams are composed of a team leader and team support or possibly two support members. A service team can deliver services with more efficiency with the same great quality.

How do service teams work?
Service teams work together on color services and blow-drying. For instance, two team members may perform your color service at the same time with one working on the front and the other in the back. They work together to ensure great service in efficient time. The teams are hightly trained and working toward a common goal to serve you our guests with greater efficiency, flexibility and personal genuine care and attention.

careers: interested in joining our team?

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