A team, a family, a collective group of individuals that are of one mind, one purpose, and one mission and shared core values – the Walter Claudio crew of professionals are like none other.

Team Leaders


Walter Claudio

Owner, Principal
Creative Director
Creator of Headmapping System™

“As a hairstylist and salon owner, I am dedicated to the highest possible standards of service and integrity. I am here, at the salon each day with the intention of making a difference—in both the lives of our guests, my team and the community.”

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Walter Claudio has had the honor to be a part of a creative industry for over 30 years that has allowed him to express his imagination, passion for art and form, and to connect with people. Making change, impacting lives and doing what he loves is what he defines as the perfect way to make a living.

Being a hairstylist first and foremost has given Walter the opportunity to share his talents across the globe as an educator, trainer and platform artist. However, nothing can compare to the daily work of being a salon owner, creative director of Walter Claudio Salon (after his namesake) and mentor to the people of his salon. As he says, “My staff is what motivates me to be ‘on top of my game’ and continually improve as a stylist, leader and human being. Without them, I am nothing.”

As a leader, he is devoted to creating innovate education and business systems that support and inspire staff and colleagues alike to “be all that they are created to be.” His motto is that without education the doors to enlightenment are closed. For Walter Claudio it is apparent that education is a serious life long pursuit.

Walter Claudio is the creator of HeadMapping Color System™, Business of Color Seminar, designer of ColorMix Collection of salon furniture and co-creator of ColorBiz™, the first salon software for salon owners and colorists.

Who Inspires you?
“My wife Angela. Her tenacity and commitment to our family is remarkable.”

My mentor is…?
“Professionally, the late Horst Rechalbacher, founder of Aveda®; As a child my mother, Aida; As an adult, my father-in-law, Carmelo.”

What is your proudest accomplishment?
“My two children, Claudio and Analiza. They are both such amazing beautiful people with incredible souls and hearts and a passion to succeed in life that surpasses anything that I have ever possessed. They put an exclamation point on my life story.”

Your Favorite Designer?
Giorgio Armani. His sense of style is timeless.”

The perfect ending to a hectic day?
“Family dinner on our balcony.”

When I’m not working I like to spend my time…
“Traveling with my family, cooking, gardening and following international soccer.”

I never leave home without…?
“Recording a Anthony Bourdain episode.”

Favorite Vacation Spot?
“It is actually not just ‘one’ place but it rather encompasses the entire Southern region of Italy.”

If you could live anywhere in the world…where would you like to call home?
“On a beach in Sicily, Italy.”

Jesse Walcott

Jesse Walcott Pell

Lead Senior Stylist, Mentor
Floor Director
Cutting, Color, and Styling
Editorial Styling

“That’s the best thing about this career: trends are constantly changing and education is the key to success. You have to keep yourself current and one step ahead.”

Jesse started her career with Walter Claudio 12 years ago after enrolling in the Los Angeles Apprenticeship Program. While in the program, she attended rigorous classes, workshops, and courses with Vidal Sassoon and Aveda® in New York, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis. Jesse’s passion for what she does is driven by an artistic eye and a dedicated sense of focus. Her guest always comes first, and she puts an emphasis on client communication. This is essential when it comes to knowing what the guest in her chair wants in order to make them look and feel their best. As a salon leader and mentor, Jesse provides young stylists with the skills, discipline and tools necessary to achieve success.

Who inspires you?
“My parents.

My father is the hardest working man I know! He has never let anything defeat him! ‘I can’t’ is not in his vocabulary.

My mother is the kindest, hardest working, level headed woman I’ve EVER met… AKA, she’s my “Voice of reason”.

What do you enjoy most about being a hairstylist?
“I love making people not only look their best, but feel their best. There is no better feeling in the world!”

My mentor is…
Vidal Sassoon. He is a legend, and he changed the way the world looked at hair.”

Your favorite designer?
“One word: Chanel.”

The perfect ending to a hectic day?
“A bubble bath (with a glass of wine), dinner & a movie with my hubbie, & our girls.”

I never leave home without…
“My watch! Especially when I’m working. I cannot work without it. Sometimes I may have up to 4-5 guests in the salon at a time. Timing is crucial!”

When I’m not working I like to spend my time…
“Hanging out with my husband Patrick, and our 2 pugs Lola & Eleanor. Hands down; We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to travel! Anywhere & Everywhere!”

Favorite vacation spot?
“Mammoth in the winter= lots of snowboarding.
Cancun in the summer= R&R.”

Dustin Janson

Dustin Janson

Lead Senior Stylist
Walter Claudio Haircutting Educator
Cutting, Color, and Styling
Retexturing Specialist
Editorial Styling

“My focus as a stylist is to find and define each individual by molding the best style to fit their personality and character.”

Dustin is a hairdresser with pure soul. He approaches hair cutting, color and styling with an intense focus, passion, skill and keen eye for detail. It is from this vantage point that his creativity flows, giving his guests personalized, cutting edge hair fashions. As a WC Salon Team member for the past 8 years, Dustin’s commitment to education, leadership and service have made a positive impact on the salon, its guests, and the community as a whole. His main focus as a stylist is to find and define each individual by molding the best style to fit their personality and character.

When I’m not working I like to spend my time…
“When I’m not in the salon, my life revolves around music. I play percussion with multiple projects including Freakin on Speakers as well as the Kinsella Band. I also host two different open mic nights, giving local performers a stage to work on.”

If you could live anywhere in the world… where would you like to call home?
“I am here! Santa Barbara.”

Who Inspires you?
“Everyone I meet inspires me. In the salon and in music, I have the opportunity to meet really amazing people. If I’m not inspired every day, I’m not paying attention.”

My favorite designer?
Diesel. I am definitely a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy.”

I never leave home without…?
“A guitar pick.”

The perfect ending to a hectic day?
“There is nothing like grabbing a bite with my girlfriend, Paola, before playing music with my best friends.”

My favorite vacation spot?
“Tulum, Mexico.”

Myriah Bujak

Myriah Bujak

Senior Stylist
Educator/ Intern Trainer
Cutting, Color, and Styling

“I am fascinated by the beauty industry and so honored to be a part of it.”

Myriah has been a dedicated stylist with the Walter Claudio team for the past ten years. From behind the chair providing hair services for her guests, to teaching interns, to advancing her own knowledge through continued education, Myriah is truly a talented and multi-faceted professional. For Myriah, education is the means through which she gains inspiration, fuels her passion for creating new styles and serves her guests each and every day. Always a student, and in turn, a teacher to many, Myriah inspires young talent with her passion for the craft as well as by skillfully working alongside others, sharing techniques, creating color formulas and servicing guests.

My Mentor?
“My mother. She’s a very smart woman. She inspires me to be the best I can be.”

Who Inspires you?
“Lots of people, Artistic people.”

Why a hairstylist?
“There is not a better feeling than to make someone feel good.”

Favorite designer?
Andrea Doria.”

Perfect end to a hectic day?
“Getting cozy on the couch and watching my favorite shows.”

I Never leave home without…
“My cell phone and AVEDA Lip Saver.”

When I’m not working I like to spend my time… ?
“On my days off you would find me behind the camera, editing on photoshop and spending time with my two dogs and two cats.”

Favorite Vacation spot?
“Uruguay or a stay-cation.”

Lexi Faust

Lexie Faust

Senior Stylist
Certified Headmapping™ Educator
WC Salon Education Coordinator
Cutting, Color, and Styling
Editorial Styling & Makeup Artist

“I believe in constant education, excellent consultation, and an open ear and eye to create the best service for our guests.”

Lexie is a dedicated professional who aims to give every guest a personalized handcrafted service that will leave them looking and feeling their best. She delivers consistent services each and every time, and she is a blast to work with! Her unending pursuit of education and inspiration in the fields of cutting, styling and coloring are the driving force behind her success behind the chair and as a trainer with young aspiring stylists.

Who Inspires You?
“I pull inspiration from a lot of different people and places – my daughter, who is the energy behind my universe; my husband, who is constantly breaking molds and asking why; my girlfriends, who literally make me giggle at the thought of them; my yoga teacher, who encourages me to be strong; Oak trees in Santa Barbara, wood, discolored brick, natural textures, wine-makers.”

Your Favorite Designer?
“I refuse to pick a flavor-of-the-month as far as designers are concerned. Rather, I like to support local businesses, and forward-thinking companies, such as Alabama Chanin, who source from within to create beautiful shapes and patterns from simplicity. I also try to buy secondhand as much as possible because, at my core, I believe in less waste.”

The perfect ending to a hectic day?
“A perfect end to my day would include a yoga class, a glass of wine and snuggling with my family.”

I never leave home without…?
“My iPhone.”

My Mentor is…?
“My husband, who always pushes me to be better; my brothers, who continue to work hard, follow their dreams and, although far away and different from me, always stay close; and

Walter Claudio, who continues to direct my career as a hairstylist;

Sue Darling, who showed me in one year more than I’ve learned in seven and continues to be the silent voice behind me, reminding me to see balance and straight lines;

My mom, who’s been at my side for so many years and has never told me that the things that I want for my life are unattainable or pointless;

My mother-in-law, who introduced me to a world of healthy living; and my dog, who generally is the happiest thing on this planet.”

My Favorite Vacation Spot?
“Camping pretty much anywhere! But, if I have to pick I’d say Yosemite.”

Styling Team

ErenEren Nateras

Cutting, Color, and Styling
“Nothing gives me more excitement than to connect with my guests and give them personalized attention and the best haircut and or color possible.”