Testing the Trends of Time

While “current” is somewhat subjective, recently, color blocking, fringe, rich colors and looser shapes have all be important to what has been happening in fashion and in hair. Undone, has become the new timeless in our modern era.

If we think about all of this in terms of hair color, timeless hair is rich, saturated, glossy and multidimensional. Probably a lot like the 12 year old in your life who spends most of her time running around outside. Or the 15 year old cover model with perfect hair that you covet. Secret! It’s probably natural. Too bad we don’t have time to run around outside, and those perfect baby hair highlights we had growing up have faded in the same proportion that we are increasing our eye cream use. I am fully guilty of the loss and the use. So lets cue the new trend word for bringing back beautiful hair. Babylights.

Yes, I said babylights. Hair that looks like a child’s, that isn’t distinguishably highlighted but is. We get to say goodbye to the heavy progressive colors where hair was maybe dipped in a vat of color (ombre, hombre, sombre) as well as over saturated solid colored hair that is maybe your own or maybe a wig. Babylights. The return of the highlight and the ability to say you love Jennifer Aniston’s hair again because she really is the perfect example of undone hair in its colored and styled state. We, as stylists, won’t even be annoyed that you like her hair.

Beautiful celebrity like hair isn’t going to happen from just highlights but is easy to achieve with your stylist. It may require a different approach than you are used to, and you should trust your stylist. There is more than one way to get there, papers, foils, balayage, free hand painting, or a combination. All are techniques, not looks on on their own. When you talk with your stylist keep a few things in mind.

1. You want Babylights not streaks. Ask for very fine highlights and very soft appearance at the scalp area.

2. Hair should be glossed with the highlights to enliven natural color (no problem if you’re already touching up your regrowth) and the highlights themselves should be glossed post service.

3. Don’t forget about the deep conditioning treatment, Jen doesn’t. Lightening removes protein and pigment from the hair. Making it more susceptible to all forms of damage and the treatment puts back most all of what the process removed.

4. Gloss and tone fade. Come back to see your stylist in the middle of your color cycle to refresh the tone, get a great blow-dry and plan your next service. If you prebook, you’ll never get to that day when you MUST have your hair done.

travis_jayTravis Jay is a guest artist with walter claudio salon and a master colorist with SPOKE & WEAL,San Francisco. For contact information and portfolio visit www.tjhazzard.com