The Power of Change

Posted by on Nov 6, 2014 in From Walter, Inspiration


Over the course of my 30+ year career in hairdressing, I have experienced the power of change with the numerous (okay, maybe thousands) of makeovers that I have executed. They have long since been my passion, and are crucial to my daily salon work life.

My makeovers range from the guests in my chair, to editorial photo shoots for magazines, to the ever so popular weekly television appearances on the local news channel KEYT in the past. What stood out to me the most from being on KEYT was the profound “transformation” that each client experienced. There were always two powerful changes that we experienced and captured on film. For each individual guest, there was the obvious external appearance of the makeover (new cut, hair color, eyebrow waxing, and makeup) and the other; the internal makeover.

The internal makeover was what transpired on the inside of the individual. Their psyche, emotional being, and excitement was immediately expressed when they looked in the mirror and saw their “new self”. Their self confidence soared and their acceptance of themselves was awakened. They felt as beautiful as they looked. The visual change of a makeover not only improves one’s appearance, but can also empower one’s confidence as well. It allows them to move out of their comfort zone, feel good about themselves, and help them grow to their full potential.

You may want to dive in and go for a full makeover, or you may feel more comfortable taking baby steps. Change doesn’t have to be radical. It can be as simple as changing your part from left to right, or altering your color slightly.

We welcome you with open arms to experience the power of change for yourself, no matter how big or small!

Are you feeling bored? Do you need a change? Here are some tips:

1) Schedule a consultation with your stylist or a new stylist to sit down and discuss ideas and possibilities.

2) Make a list of what you like about your hair and what you don’t like. Take that list with you to your consultation appointment and share it with your stylist.

3) Explore new possibilities by looking at magazines, online, news pages, and such. Tear out pages from the magazines and print the photos of the styles, cuts and color that you like. Bring these to your consultation.

4) Be mindful of the maintenance required to keep the style/cut/color that you desire.

5) Make sure that you can budget the maintenance cost of the services (color, highlights, cut) and the upkeep necessary to maintain your new look.

I personally invite you into the salon to visit our talented team of stylists and to be a part of the “power of change” coming your way!