Services for the Earth: Do GOOD – Look GOOD

Posted by on Apr 14, 2016 in Community, Promotions & Events

walter_claudio_eatrhdayAs an Aveda lifestyle salon, Walter Claudio has committed to environmental sustainability and protection. It is what we do each and every day. However, once a year we step up our efforts during the month of April, declaring Earth Month. April 22nd is National Earth Day and on April 16-17, Santa Barbara celebrates Earth Day at Alameda Park for a weekend of fun. These celebrations are about increasing public awareness, education, promoting eco friendly lifestyle, and advancing causes that impact the environment.

The Aveda Corporation and its entire network of salons, spas and stores participate in raising funds for environmental nonprofits and activists. For the past 10 years the efforts have been focused on clean water. Over 80% of the world suffers from the effects of contaminated and polluted water. In our own country we have heard of the ills of Flint, Michigan and the disastrous effects of unclean water on the communities health and wellness. This is not acceptable.

In the years past, Walter Claudio has raised over $35,000 for local and national organizations, such as Surfriders Foundation, as well as participating in beach clean-ups. This year, the fundraising efforts will be in support of the Environmental Defense Center (EDC) here in Santa Barbara. Our goal is to raise $5,000. This year at Walter Claudio, our team came together to decide how we could do good for the environment while getting the mission and purpose of Earth Day out to our community. Collectively, we dreamed up a fundraising campaign while doing what we love to do….HAIR! So was born the “Services for Beauty, Do Good Look Good” fundraiser.

For a limited time, we will be selling “beauty vouchers” good for 2 of 3 services (Hair Cut, Blow-dry Style, and or Botanical Therapy Conditioning Treatment) for $65.00.* (A value of $75-$175). A 100% of the proceeds will benefit EDC. Tickets are available at Walter Claudio Salon or Environmental Defense Center (EDC).

In addition to “Services for Beauty” event, join us on April 22nd for a celebration at the salon. It will be a fun day with rewards galore! Gifts with purchase, pure privilege double points, raffles, complimentary mini services, scalp & hair analysis, refreshments, and opportunity to be informed and donate to EDC!

As global citizens and a community need to continually stand up and fight for the Environment, doing all that we can do, big or small to make changes that secures the future for all.

*Details of the offer available at purchase location.